A Rick Liss short film – 2013

This film was born out of looking for cinematic experiences while traveling through Costa Rica, Munich and my home in Amagansett. I see this as "plein air" filmmaking. In painting, "plein air" refers to painting landscapes on site from observation. For the sake of purity it was important to do each scene as one take whenever possible and with as little cutting as possible. COSTA RICA >MUNICH >AMAGANSETT <2013 is a seven minute short film, told in the first person through the filmmaker's point of view.

It is in the spirit of the American experimental film movement of the 1960s (Mekas, Brakhage and Frampton) and the photographers Cartier Breeson and Robert Frank, filming actual places as a subjective observer, documentarian. The film is a cinematic travel log through Costa Rica, Munich and Amagansett all set in real time with sync sound or no sound.